Объект $user

Компоненты объекта $user:

uid - User ID
name - User name
pass - Encrypted password
mail - User current email address
theme - Name of the theme shown for this user (no longer changeable in core but can be in contrib)
signature - Signature as set in the user account settings
signature_format - Text format to apply to signature
created - Unix timstamp for when the account was created
access - Unix timstamp of the last time the user accessed the site
login - Unix timstamp of the last successful login by this user
status - 1 if the user is active, 0 if blocked
timezone - User's timezone as a PHP compatible timezone string ( date_default_timezone_set() )
language - User's language code
picture - User picture / avatar
init - Contains the email address the user provided during initial registration
data - Data stored in the users table by contrib modules (second argument of user_save())

From the 'sessions' table:

sid - Session ID for HTTP sessions
ssid - Session ID for HTTPS sessions
hostname - User's IP address
timestamp - A timestamp of last user access
cache - A timestamp used in cache.inc to check freshness of cached data
session - Variables stored in the session through $_SESSION

From the 'user_roles' table:

roles - Array of roles assigned to the user